Woodsong Audio Plinths for your Linn LP12

We are now offering LP12 plinth upgrades from Woodsong Audio.  These plinths look utterly amazing.

Many people have experienced significant sonic improvements with the upgrade to a Woodsong LP12 plinth, and aesthetically, a new plinth will take your LP12 to the next level.

REFERENCE SERIES (retail $650)

The Reference Series of Woodsong plinths is the standard line of finishes, including most species of wood.  Finish and construction details are done to the highest degree of quality.  Some of the woods included in the Reference Series are:

Bubinga, Wenge, Movingui, Makore, Curly Maple/Toasted Maple, Afromosia, European Beach, White Oak, Sapele, Curly Claro Walnut/Black Walnut, Honduras Mahogany and European Beech.

Numerous Rosewood varities are also available (retail $1000)


ARTIST SERIES (retail $1400)

The Artist Series plinths represent the highest level of the art of the LP12 plinth. These are made from very special boards which are more difficult to find, expensive, and often require special techniques in the process of creating an LP12 plinth.  These woods commonly take more time to create your plinth from.  Some Artist Series woods are:

Ebony Macassar, Cocobolo, Nigerian/African Ebony, Satinwood, Ancient Kauri, Madagascar Ebony, Bolivian Rosewood, Myrtlewood (pictured), Bocote, Hawaiian Koa and Jacaranda.


Each plinth is hand made to the absolute tightest of tolerances, offering a better fit than the stock LP12 plinths in many cases.  These plinths look and sound fantastic- and are a worthwhile upgrade if you own an LP12!






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