An Evening With Richard Vandersteen

vandersteen sevenWho: Richard Vandersteen

What: The Model 7’s

Where: Ultra Fidelis, 7125 West North Avenue, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

When: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 7 PM (RSVP Required)

Why: Because we can!

Please join us for a very special evening with Richard Vandersteen and the Model 7 loudspeakers.  The Model 7 has turned the world on its ear with a total rethinking of cone and dome materials.

Knowing Richard, the evening will lean heavily analog so we will have the other-worldly Lyra Atlas mounted up on the SME ‘table for your listening pleasure.  But there will be plenty of opportunity to hear some great digital music as well.  Understanding, as you probably do, that this will be an evening not to be missed, please bear in mind that attendance may have to be limited and it is important that you RSVP at your earliest convenience to ensure admission.


To RSVP, please email or call 414-221-0200.



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