The New Vandersteen Treo Speakers

$5995 pair

Vandersteen has done it again.  The Treo has broken the rules for what is possible at its price point (and also established a shop record for excuses to not return a speaker after Jon took the demo pair home for break-in).  At $5995, it competes with speakers nearly twice its price and has already motivated a few of our customers to jump ship from their existing speakers and join the Vandersteen owners club for the first time.  Richard Vandersteen has taken the best parts of his Quatro, removed the built-in subwoofers, and lowered the price and size to a more manageable level for many hi-fi enthusiasts.  If you have Vandersteen 1’s, 2’s or 3’s, you must give these a listen, the added refinement is intoxicating.  Combined with a pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers, you have reference level performance for less than ever imaginable.

Stay tuned for an in-depth review, and keep an eye out for a few customer testimonials… This is a must listen.



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