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Rob’s Review of his Audio Research LS-27 Preamp

I wanted to send you my thoughts now that I have lived with my Audio Research LS-27 preamp for some time. Last summer I was happy with my system that consisted of a BAT VK-31SE preamp plus a Musical Fidelity M6-PRX amp, BAT VK-P10SE/SP phono pre (purchased used from you) B&W 803S Speakers, and a Music Hall MMF 9.1 turntable with Denon DL-103R cart (turntable and cart purchased used from you). I bought used items from Ultrafi in the past but nothing new. Even though I never bought new, you have always given me great information, advice and counseling regarding this hobby. This has saved me time and money over trying to figure things out on my own. Let it be said that at this point I had the constant upgrade-itus bug because I wanted to hear better and better things from my system.

When I began having a couple of issues with my BAT Preamp I brought it in for service. Bob said he could fix it but it may take a few days so you loaned me an Audio Research LS25. Providing such a nice loaner while my unit was in for repair is great service but you knew better… The loaner changed everything for me. The LS25 simply sounded much more open and extended that my BAT. The BAT had great low end but to my surprise, the LS25 matched this but was more open and natural. The soundstage enhancement was very good. I could not go back to my BAT. After some consideration and based on your advice and recommendation, I decided to buy a new ARC LS27 from you. Now that I have close to 300 hours on the meter I must tell you that I am thrilled with this unit. The openness, 3D soundstage and pinpoint imaging are awesome. The smooth sound of the mids and grain free highs are great, and I never feel that there is any missing detail. There is absolutely no fatigue or compromise. You even cured me of the upgrade-itus.

I am very happy with the LS27 and I plan to hold onto this for many years to come. Thank you to you and Bob. Your excellent service and advice are extremely valuable to me.

Best regards,