We simply couldn’t be happier with SONOS!

SONOS brings you all your music, anywhere!

We simply couldn’t be happier with SONOS.  There is no easier way to play any album you own, any radio station you can think of, any channel on Pandora, any song on MOG, in any room you choose.  Most of our customers start out by introducing a single Sonos Connect to their existing stereo and quickly fall in love with the ease-of-use and sound quality of the SONOS system.  Soon to follow that first Connect could be a Connect:Amp and a pair of SpeakerCraft outdoor speakers, or a Play:3 for the bathroom and a Play:5 for the kitchen.  The whole house fills with sound that is controllable by any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Droid device, or the Sonos brand touchscreen controller.

And for you audiophiles out there… We have taken SONOS to the complete next level.  We stock and sell modified SONOS Connect’s by Rick Cullen, of Cullen Circuits.

This upgrade entirely replaces the mediocre Cirrius Logic CODAC and the associated high jitter clocks. The mod was designed to integrate the SONOS system into a high end audio system through an outboard Digital to Analog Converter.  The new custom board is installed in the SONOS and directly converts the I²S into 96kHz up-sampled SPDIF.  This new ultra clean low jitter signal is now available through both the Coax and Optical digital outputs. The SPDIF output’s sample rate can also be factory configured to 48, 96, and 192kHz.  The sonic benefits are quite dramatic. An entire level of low level grunge (hash) is removed from the sound. This improves the low level detail and imaging. The bass is now much tighter and controlled inner detail and transient attack are both greatly improved.

For the next level of performance… team up your Cullen Mod SONOS unit with an AudioQuest NRG-1.5 power cable and an AudioQuest Ethernet cable to really hear what SONOS can do!

Stop in and take a listen, we will happily let your ears decide what SONOS products and mods are right for you.


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