Questyle Audio

In a further move into the arena of high quality headphone listening and as our first venture into portable audio, Ultra Fidelis is pleased to announce the addition of Questyle Audio.  Arriving later this week will be two dynamite pieces- The QP1R High Res Portable DAP (Digital Audio Player), $899 and the CMA 800i DAC with Headphone Amplifier, $2499.

Both feature Current Mode Amplification and all discrete components which add up, based on our initial auditions, to the foundation of a line that is out to slay giants.  Jon has already heard the QP1R DAP handily outdo the heretofore Anointed King of this category, and that model is virtually twice the money!  You’ve got to hear this pocket size powerhouse, made in the iPhone factory, with a pair of AudioQuest NightHawks.  It’s a marriage made in music heaven!


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