Marty’s take on the Niagara 1000

Like many other UltraFi fans I was at the Garth Powell demo of the Niagara 7000. It was an impressive event and I was looking forward to getting a Niagara for my system. The Niagara 1000, the entry level of the Niagara series, fortunately fit my budget.  Bob called me last week to let me know that it was in stock, and Saturday I came home with a brand new Niagara 1000 and an NRG-4 power cord.


I read the manual, installed it in my system, and put on some Stevie Ray Vaughan to get some current flowing. I rocked out while I made dinner, and, a couple times while sauces were simmering I walked into the living room and sat down for a few minutes. Even though the manual said it could take 2 weeks to break in, SRV’s voice was noticeably clearer.

After dinner my wife and I sat down to some serious evaluation. Vocals were amazing. So we cycled through our favorite female singers. Within a few hours the fine details really came through. Nickel Creek was delicate and layered. About half way through the Cowboy Junkies “Trinity Sessions” I noticed that the bass had really started being palpable. I was loving it!

The most improved was music played through my computer. Listening to Tidal, the Niagara 1000 made it sound like a high rez file, not lossless CD quality. Vinyl was also better, in the sound stage particularly. But digital was most improved. More electrical devices in the playback chain? That makes sense to me. When my wife suggested that I play my favorites, out came the blues. Man does electric guitar sound great. Really good sustain, the notes hanging in the air.

These are first day impressions. I am very happy and can’t wait to see if it breaks in and gets even better. I seriously doubt that I could get the same system improvements for the price if I had spent it on any other components. I will report back in a couple weeks.


-Marty L.


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