So What Does The Lyra Atlas Do?

Lyra AtlasFor all the analog-lovers out there, here are few comments from a “reasonably satisfied” new owner of the Lyra Atlas moving coil cartridge:

“What does the Atlas do? Well, honestly, I’ve been up until 12:30 am listening every night since last Thursday. I’ve been moved so emotionally, at times bursting out laughing and then almost crying. I’ve read all the reviews, agree with them all, and I can tell you this: you will not walk away from hearing this cart unchanged. Like a first kiss, you will not forget what you just experienced…seriously. I brought my former cartridge – a very well-reviewed high-end piece that I loved – to the store and we listened to it, then we listened to the Atlas. My old one just sounded like “good analog”. (Nothing wrong with that, for sure) But, the Atlas made it sound smeared, congested, tubey, and uninvolving. With the Atlas, you are involved, I can assure you. What are the nits? Aside from having to rework finances (and as crazy as it felt to buy this expensive cartridge, it feels crazier now to imagine not having it), I find I approach taking it off the record with some degree of nervousness. Other than that, I am in audio, no musical, nirvana. I also have to say both Jon and Bob have shown such professionalism and care it is a true pleasure to buy from Ultra Fidelis.” – Jeff B.

Thanks Jeff, we couldn’t have said it any better!

Click here to learn more about the stellar Lyra Atlas

◾Designer: Jonathan Carr
◾Builder: Yoshinori Mishima
◾Type: Medium weight, medium compliance, low-impedance moving coil cartridge
◾Stylus: Lyra-designed long-footprint variable-radius line-contact nude diamond
◾Cantilever system: Diamond-coated solid boron rod with short one-point wire suspension
◾Coils: 2-layer deep, 6N high-purity copper
◾Output voltage: 0.56mV@5cm/sec.
◾Frequency range: 10Hz ~ 50kHz
◾Channel separation: 35dB or better at 1kHz
◾Compliance: Approx. 12 x 10-6cm/dyne at 100Hz
◾Vertical tracking angle: 20 degrees
◾Cartridge body: One-piece machining from solid titanium billet
◾Cartridge weight (without stylus cover): 11.6g
◾Recommended tracking force: 1.72g
◾Recommended load directly into MC phono input: 104ohm ~ 887ohm
◾Recommended load via step-up transformer: 5 ~ 15ohm



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