Living with the Niagara 7000

I first heard the effects of the Niagara 7000 on November 10th at the official U.S. launch by Garth Powell of Audioquest at Ultra Fidelis.  As I wasn’t feeling tip-top, I chose to sit in the back row in a room full of audio aficionados.  Mr. Powell started out the evening by playing some live music on his drum kit to “set our ears” and to give us a point of reference for the rest of the night.  What I heard the rest of the evening, even from the side of the back row, impressed me enough that the following week, I purchased the first store stock unit of a Niagara 7000 to arrive at the store.

I will say that a little planning goes a long way when setting up the Niagara 7000.  It weighs in at about 80 pounds and had the tightest plug sockets known to man.  I was able to plug in all of my equipment before sliding the unit onto the bottom shelf of my HRS rack.  Since then I have moved one power cable to separate my CD player from my pre-amp — much easier with the unit out of the rack.

Anyway, what the Niagara 7000 has done for the sound of my system is quite amazing.  I find myself listening at lower volumes than ever before.  And, while listening at lower levels, there is a much greater sense of focus, ease, openness and dynamics than previously.  Additionally, the soundstage extends both in front of and to the sides of my speakers.  Previously, the soundstage was defined by the location of my speakers. Listening to Roger Water’s Amused to Death on 200 gm LP, the sound is almost 3D fully immersing me in the sound. On Shelby Lynne’s Just a Little Loving, also LP, there is clear space around her voice and the instruments.  Even listening after my wife has gone to bed at very low levels (4 on my REF 5 SE volume setting) there are still good dynamics and details creating a whole new late night listening experience.

Bottom line: the Niagara 7000 has taken my already very good system to a new level.

System: Audio Research REF 5 SE, Audio Research REF CD9, Simaudio MOON 610LP, Audio Research REF 75 SE, Vandersteen 5A Carbon, Audioquest Niagara 7000, Audioquest Fire and Wild interconnects and speaker wire.


-Bob F.

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