Custom Installation

Pre-Wiring, Retro-fitting – We Do It All

We made our name designing, selling and installing the finest free-standing hi-fi and home theater systems to clientele from coast to coast, so, no matter how far your passion drives you in the search for performance, we can handle it.  From vacuum tube electronics and phonographs to Hi-Res computer audio and Blu-ray, it’s all home turf to us at Ultra Fidelis. Nothing’s ruled out in our book.

If You’re Building a New Home…

…and you like music or movies, you have an unusual opportunity. You can outfit the house for entertainment with an efficiency and to an extent that can never be duplicated in a finished structure.

Just Don’t Wait Too Long!

The important thing is to let us get the infrastructure in place. Whether it’s a straightforward plan to give you the option of introducing speakers in a few rooms at a later date or a full-blown, custom-designed whole-house entertainment concept, we can do it with relative ease if you decide now, before it’s too  late!

“Retrofitting” Can Present Unique Challenges

Faced with the task of adding audio and video entertainment once the walls and ceilings are finished, many audio/video retailers will simply run away. While we take pride in our abilities in this rarefied field, there is no denying costs go up and options go down.

Fortunately, You Can Do Just About Whatever You Want

A pair of speakers in the kitchen ceiling, the place where all guests inevitably seem to congregate? No problem. A TV and a single small stereo speaker in the master bath? Done.  And, of course, surround sound in the main living space. In five years, we will probably view a home without a theater as like a car without a radio. You may want to have us pre-wire your home, even if you have no plans to put speakers and equipment in, just to protect its resale value.

And Of Course Music Can be Anywhere

And everywhere. Why not have it follow you no matter where you go? Any room you choose to have us pre-wire is ready for sound at any time. But be forewarned. If you are like us, you’ll want them all to be making music from day one!


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