Cambridge Audio’s 851A Integrated Amp

We have just unboxed the new Cambridge Audio 851A and must say we are impressed with the build quality and look of this integrated amplifier.

The brushed aluminum front panel and newly designed chassis look fantastic on this 120 watts per channel integrated.  Plus- the new display is much easier to read than the previous 840 series.

Other important features include 2 sets of balanced XLR inputs alongside 6 single ended RCA inputs, tone control with bypass, headphone jack, RS232 port, and a 3yr warranty.  All inputs can be custom titled on the display as an added convenience.

We are letting the 851A break-in for the next few days and will be giving it a critical listening shortly.  Hopes are high for this reasonably priced integrated.



We now also have the matching Cambridge Audio 851C DAC/CD Player on display and paired with the Cambridge Audio 851A.  The combo has really impressed us at first listen and we certainly encourage you to stop in and give it a listen for yourself!  Our initial listening demo’s, when paired with Vandersteen 2 Ce Sig II’s or Vandersteen VLR Wood speakers have been quite enjoyable.


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