The AQ Nighthawk Has Arrived


I remember Bill Low telling me years ago that they were working on a headphone that would rewrite the price/performance ratio laws that had heretofore seemed set in stone. At the time, it meant that a serious set of cans had to cost at least a grand and theirs would be coming in at around $300! Well, time has marched on and it now seems as if the price point for a headphone to be taken seriously is closer to $2000, and there are several offerings that make even those seem, um, “affordable.” So the fact that the new NightHawks are now $600 still has them able to change the rules of cost to performance relationships if they can rival the big dollar jobbies sonically. And from everything we have heard about them, including my brief audition of a very pre-production pair at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last October, they seem poised to do just that.

We will have our first demo pair on July 1 and the first lucky folks to sign up back when they were vapor will be enjoying theirs, too. They trickle in after that so stop by, grab a listen through the incredible new Moon 430HA headphone amp and then anxiously await the arrival of your very own pair. We have plenty on order; it’s just a matter of AudioQuest filling the pipeline.


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