AudioQuest Jitterbug


When Steve Silberman gave me a sneak preview of this odd little device last October at Rocky Mountain, I was blown away by the improvements wrought by putting a tiny thing he pulled from his pocket in series with the USB output of the Mac laptop they were using to feed the DAC to demo music files at the Show. Simply put, everything about the sound got better- the singer sounded much more human and less automaton, the strings exploded when plucked and stopped instantly when damped, and all of this took place in a much more vividly three dimensional space that swamped the hotel room’s own acoustic contribution to the point that I was transported to the recording venue, a nice sounding studio in this case, quite convincingly. He then added a second of the same things to an adjacent, unused USB port on the laptop and, to a somewhat lesser degree, but in all the same ways, the sound got better still. Amazing!

Steve swore me to secrecy about the new Jitterbug and then asked how much I thought it would cost. Figuring that the Dragonfly USB DAC was $149, I took a stab at $129, a bargain given the improvements I had just witnessed. “Nope. Fifty bucks!” What!? Insane.

I’ve been listening to my digital music through a late prototype for a few months now, originating from both computers and dedicated servers, and if you are doing anything with computer audio, even Sonos from an NAS drive or computer, you will want, no, you’ll NEED at least one of these, and at the price you’ll probably want to plug every USB port in your life with one. We have a ton on order and they should start trickling in in early July. I urge you to get your orders in now.


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