Audiophile in Training

This time last year, if you would have asked me what Grado GR10es were, I probably would have thought it was some kind of kitchen gadget. Then I started dating someone who knows more about audio equipment than most people know about really… anything.

As a novice audiophile, I’m attracted to rhythm, lyrics, the overall aesthetic of good music. I probably spend upwards of 50 hours a week with earbuds in, listening to the soundtrack of my life. Music brings me back to a moment once lived, good or bad. It can transform an experience, fabulous or mundane.

Knowing that my life revolved around music, my boyfriend gave me an incredibly thoughtful Christmas present – Grado GR10e in-ear headphones. They also came with very important instructions.

“Break them in first before you go telling the world about them…”

I threw those $15 Sony earbuds away with reckless abandon and, with a solid 150 hours of play time on these Grados, I can honestly say they were not lost on me. They fit more comfortably within the ear cavity, almost providing a noise-canceling effect you would get in over-ear headphones. The way the music can flow from ear-to-ear with full sound even with compressed digital music is incredible. It’s easy to close your eyes and get lost in the quality. The headphone package from said fab boyfriend came with an AudioQuest Dragonfly DAC to be used through my computer’s USB port while I’m listening at work, enhancing the streaming music on my computer like it had intended to be listened to. Talk about getting the full experience!


It’s not everyday you hear girls raving about audio equipment. Maybe it’s because we have history to back up the assertion that we aren’t the most targeted demographic. Ironically, women can notice changes in pitch and high frequency more readily than men. So this goes out to all the great boyfriends out there looking for a gift that their girlfriend will actually use and appreciate. Take note: a new purse is nice, but that $400 clutch for special occasions doesn’t get used everyday…


Testimonial by Kaitlyn H.

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