Audio Research Reference CD9: A Dream Machine

AUDIO_RESEARCH_CD9Just in- impression made and ready to show you what is possible when Audio Research puts their mind to improving digital playback.  If you own a DAC8 and a decent CD transport, or are serious about Hi-Res Computer Audio, you need to stop by the store and give the REF CD9 a listen.   This is a true improvement over the DAC8, adding much of the design and circuitry from the Audio Research REF DAC at a more affordable pricepoint.

Digital inputs include USB, RCA, AES/EBU and Toslink and the CD9 features a world class CD transport.  Digital inputs allow you to replace both your current CD player and DAC with the CD9.  Like the Audio Research REF DAC, the analog output section features four 6H30 tubes and the power supply contains a 6550 and a 6H30 tube.

We love Trade-Ins… If you have a DAC8 or a CD8 and dreamed of what’s next- stop dreaming and come by the store to experience the REF CD9 in person.


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