Another Music And Beer Lovers Event


whitleyTuesday, March 10th, 7PM at Sugar Maple

It’s officially a tour with this announcement of our second “Hi-Fi in the Wild” event. The Academy of Music night was a smash and now the bus pulls up at the Fillmore West for an encore performance. The boys, flush with success, have learned not to be their own roadies this time, leaving them fresh as daisies come show time to fill the room with exotic sounds, virtually guaranteeing an intoxicating peek into the nether worlds of recorded music.

Jonathan Spelt, of Ultra Fidelis, Peter Clemens, who knows how to live and knows his music, and Bruno Johnson, beer purveyor to the cognoscenti will again bring a Fancy Stereo System and some Well Curated Music into one of the pre-eminent Milwaukee drinking establishments.

Please join us Tuesday, March 10th at 7:00 at Sugar Maple, 441 East Lincoln Avenue for a few hours of great sounding music recordings, played back well, and some of the world’s greatest beer, served impeccably. Let’s see how it goes this time!






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